5 Great Ways to Make Your Drive More Comfortable

GG Fam Store 7 Great Ways to Make Your Drive More Comfortable

Driving is a part of daily life, especially if you live in a large city, in the suburbs, or have a daily commute. We almost drive every day to run errands like pick up the kids, go to the grocery store, or drop off the kids at their soccer practice. We drive to work or to school. We all look for ways to make our journey more comfy and convenient when we’re behind wheel, or as a passenger. Today, we’re sharing 5 smart items to make your commute and drive better.

1. Keep it clean

7 Great Ways To Make Your Drive More Comfortable - Compact Car Vacuum Cleaner
Compact Car Vacuum Cleaner

From potato chips or crumbs on the car seat to dust or pet hair, it’s so easy for the inside of our cars to get dirty. It’s always a great idea to keep a handy compact car vacuum cleaner in your car. So you can quickly and easily vacuum it clean and not wait until your next trip to the car wash.

Consider this very handy and compact car vacuum cleaner. It’s only 14.88 inches in length and weighs just 1.45 pounds but packs a lot of suction power and has a washable HEPA filter and 600ML large-capacity dust cup. Use it to keep your car clean.

2. Keep it organized

GG Fam Store 7 Great Ways to Make Your Drive More Comfortable - Premium Multifunctional Car Seat Organizer
Front Car Seat Organizer

A notepad astray. Coins dropping between front seat and center console. Or a pen that’s always playing the vanishing act. Tired of not being able to find anything while you’re behind the wheel or stopped to jot down notes from a call? Then it’s time to get organized.

Almost every car can use extra organizing and storage space for the driver and front seat passenger.

This handy console from GGFamStore is just the answer you’ve been looking for. From drinks to notepads and pens and your smartphone, this neat Multifunctional Front Car Seat Organizer fits snugly in the space between the front seat and center console for you can keep your essentials all organized and within reach.

and back seat passengers need some love too, right? try this back seat organizer for all those toys, drinks, tablets and much more

7 Great Ways to Make Your Drive More Comfortable - Car Back Seat Organizer Car Accessories
Car Back Seat Organizer Car Accessories

3. Keep your hands on the wheel

7 Great Ways to Make Your Drive More Comfortable - Magnetic Car Phone Holder Car Accessories Gadgets
Magnetic Car Phone Holder

When you turn on the road, does your phone turn with you? Are you tired of your phone sliding, or worse — falling — off your phone holder? Time to harness the power of magnetic force with our Magnetic Car Phone Holder.

This super strong magnetic phone holder is designed with your needs mind. It’s super easy to use and it can hold up to 33 oz. Plus, with a closed magnetic field between your phone and the holder, there are no signal or reception issues for your phone.

Say no more to distracted driving. Try this magnetic car phone holder today.

4. Keep your devices charged

7 Great Ways to Make Your Drive More Comfortable - Car Wireless Charger Cup Car Accessories
Car Wireless Charger Cup

Phone or earbuds running out of juice? can’t find that charger cable? no worries. Try this creative wireless charger cup. Just slip in your phone and/or your earbuds and voila, your devices will be wireless charging in no time. This Wireless Charger Cup fits just about any cup holder. Check it out today!

5. Take device charging to the next level

7 Great Ways to Make Your Drive More Comfortable - Indestructible Magnetic 3-in-1 Cable Gadgets
Indestructible Magnetic 3-in-1 Charging Cable

Charging your phone but annoyed at how the charging port head limits the mobility of your phone? Someone in the backseat charging his iPad but can only hold it at a weird angle due to the physical limits of the charging cord? We understand that frustration, so we highly recommend you use our Charger Cable: available in Lightning, Type C, or Micro USB configurations, you can find the right cable (in a variety of colors) perfect for your devices.

A charging connector with a magnetic end plugs right into your phone or device’s charging port, while a charging cable with a magnetic end connects right to your plug. No more clumsily stabbing at your phone with a traditional charging port. With this magnetic connector and the built-in LED light you can easily see and connect the cable to your device . Plus, 360-degree rotation on your charging connector ensures you are free to twist and turn your device any which way while it is charging. It’s everything you need in one cool charger cable.

Your journeys and commute can be more enjoyable and distraction free. Take advantage of these great products and other items from our store and have a greater peace of mind today.

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